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Posted On Jan 05, 2015   |   2 Mins Read

Free to play (F2P) games model has transformed the gaming industry; it has opened up a whole new consumer segment for a game developer, where even a non-hardcore gamer can enjoy a game on the go.

Now the F2P model, as the name suggests, is not just about giving free access to the content but also about generating serious revenue. According to Statista, the worldwide In-App Purchase (IAP) revenue is projected to cross 14 billion dollars in 2015.

However, not all F2P games have been successful enough to get a notable share of this big pie. Many successful games apart from having a creative concept, simple controls, intuitive design, etc., have a few more things in common:

  • Tracking and analyzing user data
  • Striking the right balance between gameplay and monetization
  • Tying up with the right Ad-networks

Harbinger Systems hosted this webinar live on January 22, 2015. In this webinar attendees got the insights in design practices which result in increased revenue and also discussed Unity 3D’s part in a seamless game creation.

Key Takeaways:

    • Evolution of the gaming revenue and distribution models
    • Supporting major app stores for In-App Purchase using Unity 3D and best practices to boost app monetization
    • Leveraging analytics to understand your consumers better – the guidelines, the process and how Unity 3D can help
    • Advertisements in Free to play games:
  • Introduction to the Mobile and Non-mobile ad networks
  • The Unity 3D ad network
  • How to serve the right advertisement at the right time

Thank you for the great response to this special webinar!

You can view the presentation and recording here