Technology and content solutions that leverage our partner platforms, our IP, and custom services to help you transform your workforce.

At Harbinger, we have developed adaptable frameworks that help organizations build future of workforce solutions, powered by automation. We use technology and a content-centric approach to design our solutions. Using our framework, we have helped customers solve problems like reskilling, competency-based learning, accessibility, reinforcement, engagement, personalization, integration, and automation. Our IP and platform partnerships help us build scalable solutions and accelerate the overall development process.


High-tech technologies that empower your workforce

Experience Design

UX (Journey/ Empathy Mapping, Information Architecture, Wireframing, Validation), User Interface Designing (Modern, Visual Designs, Banding), Frontend Development (HTML-CSS and React/ Angular-based Components)

Product Engineering

Design, Development, Test Automation, DevOps and Infrastructure Automation, Sustenance, Performance and Security Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, Technology Evaluation and Adoption, Technology Roadmap Definition, Compliance Adherence, and Certifications


Workflow, Infrastructure, Conversational and data-related integration, Automation solutions, Custom integration solutions


Automation-driven and workforce-centric solutions that prepare you for the future


Digital Transformation, Workforce Automation, Content Automation, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), AI/ML, AI OPS, Data Wrangling, Data-driven Analytics


Rapid Integrations and Pluggable Products to Extend your Learning Solutions


Hit the High Spots in Videos That Matter

AI-powered Skimthru generates easy-to-comprehend word clouds from YouTube videos. Skimthru word clouds highlight parts of the video that matter the most, enabling quick absorption of key information in the videos.


World’s first AI-powered platform for creating questions, quizzes, and notes

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, Quillionz is a platform that lets you build a host of quality quizzes and assessments—within seconds.


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Our Partner

Workato is a leading cloud automation and integration platform. The strategic partnership with Workato allows Harbinger to help enterprises and software product companies integrate with various HR systems at scale and automate complex HR and business workflows, by implementing the Workato solution.