Harbinger has proven experience in technologies such as AI/ML/NLP, Automation, Blockchain, Cloud Engineering, Data Analytics, Gamification and Mobile. We keep abreast with the rapid evolutions and disruptions in the technology landscape, pilot these in our tech labs and infuse them into the projects to achieve business innovation for our clients.

Product engineering teams within Hi-Tech firms are undergoing a sea change. Today’s users expect a stellar experience in Hi-Tech, requiring enterprises to modernize to the latest tech stack.

Our digital enterprise practice employs a convergent approach to provide integrated and innovative digital solutions. We leverage our strong domain experience and expertise in technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Automation, Blockchain, Cloud Engineering, Data Analytics, Gamification and Mobile to help modernize your products.

Harbinger’s product engineering services blend customer centricity, innovation and operational excellence to help software product companies achieve competitive advantage.


Your Preferred Product Development Partner for Making a Difference

Product Management Advisory

Building products and solutions, AI enablement, Feature roadmaps, Technical debt issues, Technical due diligence for acquisitions, Product end-of-life strategies.

Experience Design

AI-assisted UX (Journey/ Empathy Mapping, Information Architecture, Wireframing, Validation), User Interface Designing, Frontend Development.

Product Engineering

AI-assisted Design, Development, Test Automation, DevOps and Infrastructure Automation, Sustenance, Performance and Security Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, Technology Evaluation and Adoption, Technology Roadmap Definition, Compliance Adherence and Certifications.

Product Analytics

Data wrangling for AI-enablement, Basic to advance ETL solutions, Data visualizations, Building data warehouse and data lakes solutions using Azure or AWS platforms.

Integration and Automation

AI-driven Workflow automation, Infrastructure, Conversational and data-related integration, Automation solutions, Custom integration solutions.


End-to-end solutions powered by cutting-edge technology


Generative AI, Transcriptions, Translations, Recommendations, Predictive Modelling, Chatbots, AI Technologies (MLOps, NLP, CNN), and Transformer Models (BERT, GPT-2, GPT-4)


Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Workflow automation, Conversational BOT- based automation, API Management (WSO2), Low code no code (LCNC) platforms (UIPath, AutomationAnywhere, Workato)


Private/Public/Hybrid Blockchains, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Smart Contracts

Cloud Engineering

Cloud-Native Apps, Managed Cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), DevSecOps, Contenarization, Virtualization, Webservices, Microservices

Data Analytics

Analytics, Big Data, Data Warehousing, Devising Data Strategy, Business Intelligence, Development and Integration


Game Templates (Million Dollar Quiz, Dart, Super Goldio), Instructional Design, Leaderboards, Programming (Unity, Javascript), 2D and 3D Games, AR, VR, Metaverse


Native Apps (iOS and Android), Frameworks (React Native, Xamarin, Ionic), Testing- Performance and Security, Device Compatibility, Accessibility


See What Our Clients Say

“We did a demo of our performance management system with our CEO, and he was delighted with the progress. The run-time changes in the messages feature were put together wonderfully, and it added that final touch needed to show off the great personality of our product. Your team did a truly wonderful job getting that to the finish line; it all made a difference. We really appreciate your work with updating and documenting requirements. We really see our collective efforts paying off in the quality of the deliverables we’ve been getting. So, thank you for the excellent work you do!

We’re smiling from ear to ear. You did an awesome job working on our product – it looks lovable now! Also, wonderful job with the redesigns. We’re very happy with the new workflow for the targets and check-ins. Thanks for detailing the updated check-in implementation. Excellent job capturing the information from those discussions. We had a great experience working with your team as they helped us conceptualize product features faster. It brought a significant change in our workflow, which I absolutely love.

Besides, the floating words animation, badges animation, emojis, and comments feature are so cool!”

A leading performance management
software company in the U.S.


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