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n my previous blog – Storyboarding – A Primer and Current Perspective – I identified common barriers and challenges to storyboarding. Based on my experience, I believe that storyboarding is central to eLearning course development. For any course, a comprehensive storyboard set provides a clear and approvable plan to all those involved in its creation. A great storyboard set defines the desired learning experience, structures key content, and links each screen to learner needs and course outcomes.

So is there a standard template for storyboarding?

A e-learning storyboard broadly specifies the onscreen text, narration script, audio and visual elements, and navigation and interaction instructions. While there are many options that you may find online, there has yet to be a consensus about a standard template for a storyboard. However, a good storyboard should include the following information per screen (or interactivity, depending on the level of detail):

  • A numbering scheme for the storyboard set (that helps you understand sequences and branching paradigms
  • A representation of the screen itself (sometimes a sketch)
  • On-screen text
  • Audio narrative
  • Explanation of interactives, transitions, etc
  • Branching and navigation guidance
  • Learning outcomes addressed or contributed to by the screen

Click here to access a sample storyboard template, which includes these elements.

You can pull all/specific sections from this template to suit your needs. Happy storyboarding!

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