Author: Marketing Desk

Posted On Nov 30, 2015   |   1 min

Ever wondered, why the bounce rate of your CMS based website increases rapidly and why do interested users are instantly turned away when they visit your website? Some of these questions and many more may be roving in your mind when you develop informative content but still fail to make the conversion. The answer is straight and simple; UI and UX play an important role for a website design even if the content is Pulitzer-winning.

A distinct UI/UX promotes uniqueness compared to your competitors; an icebreaker towards the expansion of your business. Harbinger Systems hosted an informative webinar on “UI/UX best practices in CMS based web design”. Attendees gained insights on various methodologies, processes and design strategies to create and deliver a rich and exceptional UI/UX for your CMS based website.

You can view the presentation and the webinar video here