Author: Prashant Khambekar

Posted On Dec 13, 2019   |   5 min

Of Humans – Biases, Perception and Representation

People have been increasingly talking about Diversity and Inclusion in organizations in the past few years. It is well documented, that organizations that are diverse treat their people better and are able to elicit better ideas from their people. Thus, they serve their customers better and this benefits the financials.

For me, there is a personal lens as well as a corporate lens.

I cringe when I see or hear my fellow colleagues treating individuals in a biased manner. I cringe when I hear of entire demographic classes laughed at, treated disrespectfully, ignored or discriminated against. I cringe when I recall some of my own past actions over the years. So, I have personally tried to modify my language and my behavior, I have encouraged others to do the same and, on occasions, disrupted proceedings to emphasize respect and unbiased views.