Author: Marketing Desk

Posted On Sep 25, 2015   |   1 min

The convergence of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud collectively referred as SMAC is well on its way to become the next business technology enabler for the coming decade or so. Individually, each component of SMAC may result in great benefits to an organization, however, to increase the productivity for organizations and maximize the output, it would be wise to integrate SMAC capabilities in a single go.

This whitepaper attempts to present the impact or benefits of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud happening in the Healthcare IT industry.

Healthcare is a growing sector, both in terms of volume and complexity and to solve these core challenges, the domain is looking out and embracing newer technologies. And, this is where we believe that SMAC will play a major role in the healthcare industry. In this white paper, you will witness –

  • How SMAC is redefining Healthcare- Impact and Benefits
  • SMAC solutions for Payers, Providers and Beneficiaries
  • How ISVs can benefit with the adoption of SMAC
  • ISVs’ contribution to digitization of healthcare industry

Request your copy of the white paper – SMAC in Healthcare: Golden Opportunity for ISVs today.