Author: Reena Raj

Posted On Oct 25, 2017   |   5 Mins Read

A career is an ongoing journey of self-discovery and growth. When this journey is adorned with learning, recognition and fun—it becomes truly satisfying and rewarding. In a nutshell, that’s my life at Harbinger.

With the hope of advancing my career and maturing as a professional, I embarked on a new expedition and entered into a partnership with the Harbinger Group early this year. I joined this organization as a Lead Instructional Designer and my experience so far has been fantastic and extremely rewarding. In this blog-post, I’m capturing a few experiences from my journey at Harbinger.

The Company Culture

As a new entrant, I was inspired to see so many women leaders here. I’m really excited about being part of an organization that strongly believes in developing its people and promoting inclusivity. Every employee in this company is valued as a ‘partner’ and is provided with an equal opportunity to explore their talents, interests and goals. By policy design, every employee frequently connects with their manager via one-on-one meetings. This facilitates an open communication to understand how everything is going and enables both the manager and the employee to uncover ways to progress towards success. The organization’s architecture is such that it provides employees with a clear understanding of their work and guides them in the right direction. So, each one of us exactly knows what it takes to do a great job and advance in our career mission. All that matters is our passion for work and vision for future. I feel a strong sense of belonging here, and maybe that’s one of the reasons why you’ll spot a lot of happy professionals here!

On-boarding at Harbinger

I must admit that I was fairly impressed with the entire on-boarding process. In my 7 year journey in the corporate world, this is the first organization that formally welcomed me with a well planned on-boarding itinerary. All credit goes to the Talent Management team that is purely engaged in enriching an employee’s experience at Harbinger. I was very anxious as I was stepping into my new workplace but thankfully, the experts from this team made all the paperwork, people and processes fairly easy.

My Team

It feels great to be part of this amazing group of people who work towards developing innovative digital learning solutions for customers. Harbinger Interactive Learning Private Limited is a mixed bag of people with competency in marketing and sales, project management, instructional design, multimedia design, program design and quality assurance. In this lot, I am a part of the Instructional Design team, a bunch of creative and visionary writers. We work closely with both customers as well as internal stakeholders to capture project requirements and formulate a solution that best addresses their training needs. I am proud to be working with a team of Instructional Designers who are thought leaders in their own way. My work becomes more enriching because of the continuous learning largely facilitated by my manager and with the ongoing interactions with my peers.

Transparency and Trust

Transparency and trust are the core values that the leadership at Harbinger radiates. Right from people at the top till your immediate supervisor—these values are seen across all levels of the leadership chain at Harbinger, and are passed on to everyone else too. These values make employees more compassionate and relatable; and in turn; gives them the confidence to overcome challenges coming their way. That’s one of the key reasons why you see a lot of innovation and ideas coming from people here.

Celebrating Synergy

Synergy is not just limited to the intense brainstorming meetings that we have—it goes beyond that. Even with the crazy deadlines, we ensure we get together as a team and have a great time at work. ‘Quick Talks’ by colleagues keep us abreast with the latest developments and varied experiences within the group. The ‘Creative Hours’, ‘Happy Hours’ and the ‘Between Minds’ sessions help us connect as a team and indulge in some fun and relaxing activities. Celebrations are an integral part of our work life, and are a hallmark of the Harbinger work culture. Right from welcoming new joiners to celebrating important milestones of employees and projects, acknowledging ‘Distinguished Contributors’ and ringing in the festivities—we do it all and that’s the best part of being at Harbinger. Employees are engaged in an environment that promotes learning, professional growth and fun.

A Dream Come True Moment

A Dream Come True Moment

One of the happiest and most significant moments in my career will always be the felicitation ceremony when I received the ‘Distinguished Contributor’ award for my work at Harbinger. It is a pleasant surprise to have your efforts and work acknowledged so early in your association with an organization. But, that’s Harbinger! This has just motivated me to achieve more at work. I just hope that in my association with Harbinger, I address each opportunity to the best of my potential and build many more golden moments to be cherished for this lifetime.

One final message for you—the reader of this blog, Harbinger is a great place to work. Life at Harbinger is an interesting mix of work, learning and fun. If you want to innovate, partner and excel—do explore the work opportunities at Harbinger.