Author: Vinod Ganjoo

Posted On Nov 20, 2014   |   2 Mins Read

I recently visited the GITEX Conference in Dubai- a premier event that attracted around 100,000 conference attendees from different parts of the world. Top business leaders from the attending ICT companies charged their way into Dubai for this 5 day event- ‘34th GITEX Technology Week’.

The event hosted several local, regional and international visitors from the private and public sector. The agenda of the conference was to showcase Big Data, Cloud and Mobility in a whole new manner that can engage exceptional consumer interaction for future developments.

As expected, Mobility, Cloud and Big Data received in-depth attention from visitors. The main focus was on cloud computing and mobility. We evolve in an era where cloud computing is present in all streams of the IT sector, reaching new heights every passing day.

GITEX Conference was the apt environment to identify Cloud computing. To mark its growth and appreciate its existence GITEX had the Cloud Awards ceremony. Cloud Awards witnessed huge nominations from more than 100 entries across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA). Six categories which included value, innovation, usability, integration, scalability credentials and functionality were the judging criteria for the Cloud Awards. The jury had a tough time selecting through projects which could change our tomorrow; outstanding achievements were appreciated in the right manner.

Sensitive industry sectors like banking, insurance, public sector, finance, oil and gas witnessed a considerable rise for the demand of cloud computing security solutions at GITEX. Visitors were showing deep interests in the solutions provided by the cloud domain; somehow the aroma of the topic attracted my senses to follow others. The high point of the event were the insights from Frost & Sullivan’s report about cloud computing were announced. UAE is all set to grow from USD 8.7million in 2012 to USD 72.3 million by end of 2019. Also, 545 cloud services are in use for the functioning of an expanding organization. Companies, save up to 82% of their operation costs by shifting to cloud.

Overall, it was a great pleasure to attend the GITEX Conference 2014 in Dubai. Networking with entrepreneurs from different software companies, witnessing unique innovations that permeate our everyday life, was indeed a novel experience.