Author: Isha Sood

Posted On Mar 09, 2017   |   4 Mins Read

One of Harbinger’s most interesting offerings has been Digital Learning Objects (DLOs). Harbinger aims to serves its customers’ digital, blended or ILT requirements through creation of DLOs that can be used independently or as part of larger learning experiences.

We have an interesting case study that demonstrates Harbinger’s expertise at creating DLOs for the publishing business of one of the world’s largest universities. This high stake, high visibility project required Harbinger to develop multiple DLOs that were platform and device agnostic. Read more here.

And if you are curious to know more about DLOs, then here is what they are: They are self contained digital pieces which comprise of brief stand-alone units like interactive videos, game based assessments, simulations, presentations, tests, brainteasers, etc. These DLOs can be used to convey information, enable interactions through games, illustrate concepts, reinforce learning, tell stories, enable practice, etc. 

Have you used DLOs in your learning experiences? How was your experience? Share through comments below.