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Posted On Feb 04, 2015   |   2 Mins Read

Digital health solutions are significantly transforming the healthcare industry, and revolutionizing the healthcare experience. Digital solutions not only make a profound impact on our lifestyle, but also offer better ways for providers to connect, understand, and engage with the patients – clearly paving the path for enhanced quality patient care and better health outcomes.

A recent report from IHS Technology estimates a rise in users of Mobile Consumer and Fitness devices from 23 million in 2011 to 75.5 million devices by the end of 2018. Advancement in the field of IOT has further fueled innovative digital health solutions which are enriching patient’s life by quick and easy synchronization. According to a survey conducted by Rock Health, investments in digital health companies in 2014 were a staggering $4.1 billion, and large and midsized ISV’s were directly benefited by this move.

Harbinger Systems hosted this webinar live on March 4, 2015. In this webinar, attendees gained insights on how digitization would affect the US healthcare industry and the roles various stakeholders like ISVs, Payers and Providers can play.

The webinar discussed:

  • Digital healthcare – Overview, impact of digitization on ISVs, Payers and Providers
  • Digital transformation of healthcare processes
  • Wellness
  • Fitness
  • Preventive
  • Patient communication and more…
  • Technologies and tools enabling digital health

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You can view the presentation and webinar recording here.