Author: Marketing Desk

Posted On Oct 15, 2015   |   2 min

It has been a topic of discussion since a very long time, and it continues to be in the fog – Comparison between Microsoft and Entity Framework. What is better – in terms of performance, specific scenarios and achieving quality results?. Both are mostly used to help your applications and database to send and receive information. Indeed, the primary goal is to reduce the amount of code and maintain top quality. So, it is important for an architect to wisely decide which tool he would like to use, a tool that not only solves the short-term problem like development time but also takes care of complex query execution effectively.

We have a new white paper that identifies the key features of and Entity Framework. It helps to compare both entities with respect to their topology and provide the major differences between them to understand which can be the best in specific scenarios. Lastly, this white paper offers the quadrant analysis for framework selection with a conclusion that clears the air to the extent.

Request your copy of the white paper – Comparing Microsoft and Entity Framework from our website today.