Author: Sameer Kulkarni

Posted On Feb 16, 2017   |   5 Mins Read

It’s currently 3 °C in New York City and only getting colder! I make sure the heater in my office is working as it should be before Rachel comes in for the meeting.

“Good morning, Rachel! Nice to have you here!”

“Morning, Steve! Good to see you again.”

I know Rachel from my university days. We had not been in touch till I bumped into her last week at a conference in Toronto.

I own a digital communications agency in Manhattan and Rachel had set up time with me to discuss how her eLearning development company could help me with my business.

“So Steve, do you actively promote video development services to your clients?”

“Not really. It’s mostly the clients who come to us with a requirement. If they need video, we do that for them”.

“And have you thought of offering development of interactive videos to them?”

“Interactive videos? What are those? Aren’t videos just, well, videos?”

Rachel smiles  and says, “Well let’s start with telling you why you should be selling videos more, especially since your client base is all pharmaceutical companies. The healthcare industry, especially pharmaceuticals, uses a lot of videos in many activities. These could be promotional videos for their drugs, marketing videos, training videos, or videos for drug launch and so on. Adding video creation as one of your main offerings will certainly give you an edge over your competitors.”

“Makes sense. Great point!”

“Thank you! Our offshore team in India is skilled in creating engaging videos. Of course, you have seen the example of the hypoglycemia video we created for your competitor, Medical Communications. As you know, when it comes to conveying your message to the audience, video is one of the most effective media you can use. Also, video is a great attention grabber. If a video was available, most audience would opt to watch it before reading any text.”

“These are certainly some useful points for me to remember while speaking with my customers.”

“Indeed. Video can help deliver a consistent message each time. It’s also an easy way to strike personal connections with audience. Video content is social-media-friendly, thus easily shareable with increased level of engagement.”

“Couldn’t agree more with you!”

“Now let’s move to interactive videos. Interactive videos transform a traditional video experience from a monologue into a dialogue.”


“Interactive videos have the power to engage, turning viewers into participants.”

“This all sounds great. But how do you do it? Also, can you show me an example of an interactive video?”

“Absolutely! We have expertise into a few tools that can make videos interactive. One of them is Exaltive. Please check out this video to see what an interactive video looks like.”

“This is great stuff, Rachel! I know my clients will love this!”

“I know!. Interactive videos—with their power to turn viewer’s attention into engagement— build customer loyalty with personalized communication and boost sales.”

I am now working together with Rachel on proposing interactive video development to one of our biggest pharma clients.

I know it’s going to be a long term partnership with Rachel’s company.