Accelerated Extended Enterprise Training with Custom Headless ALM

The Current Scenario

Development of custom headless Adobe Learning Manager (ALM) can expedite extended enterprise training like never before. It can help organizations create a tailored learning management system (LMS) that seamlessly integrates with advanced eLearning technologies, platforms, and tools.

Effective design and implementation of custom headless ALM can optimize training content delivery across diverse devices and environments. It can provide personalized and scalable training solutions to create a cohesive learning experience for customers, partners, and vendors.

However, to take full advantage of custom headless ALM capabilities, organizations need to tackle various challenges like:

  • Limited integration with existing enterprise systems
  • Lack of a centralized LMS for extended enterprise training
  • Absence of eCommerce and payment gateway
  • Difficulty in handling complex customization requirements
  • No scalability and performance optimization
  • Inability to ensure seamless UX and broader audience reach

Fast-Track Custom Headless ALM Development with Harbinger

The world’s leading designer, manufacturer, and marketer of access equipment approached Harbinger with an aim to overcome similar challenges. Their overarching business requitement was to augment their extended enterprise training system.

Harbinger helped them design, develop, and implement custom headless ALM to streamline training for their esteemed customers, partners, and vendors. We established a crowdsourced system to accelerate their extended enterprise training, advance eLearning content delivery, and maximize business growth.

Our team combined the critical aspects of our client’s online learning portal and learner dashboard by building a multitenant LMS and user interface. The newly developed extended enterprise training system was backed by essential capabilities and features like instructor finder map, eCommerce and payment gateway integration, bulk license purchasing, and automated ID card generation.

What was the Impact?

Harbinger’s custom headless ALM solution supported different mobile devices with added tracking and reporting functionalities. It helped our client ensure operator compliance and data traceability. It provided learners with a unified platform, enabled paperless learning, and reduced training cost.

Implementation of ALM for extended enterprise training helped instructors support multitenancy and leverage custom out-of-the-box capabilities. It facilitated a smooth transition from offline to online training and eLearning content delivery.

Our client experienced various benefits, such as:

  • Increased revenue with better penetration of products into the market
  • Reduced manual intervention and extended enterprise training cost
  • Seamless delivery of extended enterprise training modules
  • Enhanced training experience, engagement, and involvement of learners
  • Simplified administration operations and broader audience reach
  • Easy search and access to the desired eLearning content

Successful design and implementation of custom headless ALM can transform the way organizations deliver training to their customers, partners, and vendors. It can help create a scalable and personalized learning experience to enhance overall training effectiveness.

Explore how Harbinger helped the world’s leading designer, manufacturer, and marketer of access equipment design, develop, and implement custom headless ALM for extended enterprise training.

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