Redevelopment and Migration of Non-SCORM Legacy Courses to Adobe Learning Manager

CUSTOMER: Alternative Investment Platform for Financial Advisors


TECHNOLOGY USED: Adobe Captivate, Adobe Learning Manager

About The Client

The client is a leading provider of alternative investment platform that facilitates financial advisors with improved access to education and certification on alternative investments and related products. The company offers financial advisors with a vast selection of alternative investment strategies that include areas like hedge funds, real estate, private equity, private credit, and structured notes, enabling them to seize opportunities and sustain the dynamic nature of changing markets.

The company aims to help financial advisors gain new business, increase wallet share and enhance client outcomes. The client is a FinTech leader that works toward empowering wealth management by offering a fair field for financial advisors everywhere.

Business Need

Alternative investments are distinguished from traditional assets, and the model helps grow the value of investment portfolios by enabling investors to leverage and gain maximum value from a diversified portfolio.

Given the potential, more and more advisors are turning to alternative investments to diversify their client’s portfolios in the volatile market to make them more resilient and offer higher returns. With this shift in the investment landscape, the demand and popularity for alternative investments grow, and so does the need for advisor education and training.

The client offers a FinTech platform for making alternative investments but deploys outdated methods to educate advisors and financial institutions. Enterprise-level training was executed with a mere mix of text, outline documents, infographics-based pages, and a small number of screen recordings.

The need was further broken down to:

  • Redevelopment of around 124 existing courses using Captivate and publish as SCORM package to host the courses on Adobe Learning Manager
  • Ensure seamless migration of courses from current legacy LMS to Adobe Learning Manager
  • Ensure customization of courses
  • Ensure cost-effective volume modernization
  • Reach a broader set of audience
  • Ensure the courses are interactive

Harbinger’s Solution

Harbinger worked on devising a non-disruptive solution to cater to the growing customer base and the changing complexity of the business. The company initially catered to enterprise clients but wanted to target retail-based users worldwide. They were also looking to seamlessly manage aspects such as multiple clients/multi-tenancy, multiple end-users, multiple courses, and tracking.

Harbinger proposed redeveloping courses in Adobe Captivate and supported user data migration. The value proposition provided by Harbinger was that of a template-based approach, as adhering to timelines was crucial to avoid delay resulting in adverse business implications.

We developed templates for course creation and finalized them during the initial stage of the project, and later, the production was undertaken. This approach helped in optimizing the project duration and cost.

Additionally, we provided architectural consulting on headless LMS development and API integration to enable the publishing of content on a website or primary platform across a range of channels. We deployed Captivate for content development.

Harbinger executed the project in the following phases:

Content Analysis: Harbinger analysed courses shared by the client and created a ‘change log’ for the type of screens to be developed with their complexities at the start of the project.

Alpha: Alpha version of the courses was submitted to the client for review and feedback.

Final: This stage delivers the reviewed courses with Alpha feedback fixes.

Business Outcomes

The overall solution and the templatized approach:

  • Significantly optimized the timeline of the project
  • The deployment was seamless and non-disruptive
  • Resolved fuzziness and blurriness issues on Mac Book with dynamic text and greyed out submit button to offer a better look and feel for the project
  • The newly implemented Adobe Learning Manager efficiently supports managing multiple enterprise clients
  • Addresses personalized learning experiences at scale
  • Achieved SCORM compliance


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