Harbinger enables organizations to stay at the forefront of innovation and success. Our iContent Framework helps businesses in the eLearning, HR Tech, and Ed Tech domains leverage Generative AI capabilities to streamline learning content, supercharge HR operations, transform educational experiences, and simplify complex processes.

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Tune in as Avinash Lele, Chief Growth Officer, Harbinger Group answers critical questions related to the Harbinger iContent Framework and its remarkable features and functionalities.

What is Harbinger iContent?

Harbinger iContent is an AI-based content automation solution powered by Generative AI technologies. It enables intelligent content processing to help businesses ensure success across different stages like content discovery, content translation, microlearning content development, and experience design.

Harbinger iContent can positively impact various domains and business functions like HR, learning, compliance, and marketing by offering a range of benefits like cost and timeline optimization, analytics, custom end-to-end automated workflows, automation at large scale, and improved productivity, accuracy, and efficiency.

Harbinger iContent

An Intelligent Content Automation Framework

How does Harbinger iContent Framework maximize HR capabilities?

For HR departments, we provide an AI-powered automated framework that streamlines and enhances various processes from job description creation to resume parsing, candidate matching and evaluation, and onboarding and assessment. Our system accelerates and optimizes critical HR operations by leveraging the power of Generative AI. We enable organizations to save time, improve efficiency, and make better-informed decisions when it comes to talent acquisition and management.

Learn how Harbinger used OpenAI GPT and NLP to automate recruitment for a global software development and engineering services provider.

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Why choose Harbinger iContent Framework for eLearning content development?

In the field of eLearning, Harbinger iContent serves as a transformative solution. We help organizations future-proof their eLearning content development by incorporating Generative AI capabilities. Our system facilitates AI-powered reinforcement in learning, ensuring that learners receive personalized and effective content. We provide services such as translation and transcription, accessibility testing, video skimming and localization, and automatic generation of learning nuggets and questions. These features not only enhance the learning experience, but also improve learning outcomes, making education more engaging and impactful.

Explore how Harbinger trained T5 generative AI model to automate question generation for a leading financial organization.

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What can Harbinger iContent Framework do to simplify complex processes?

Harbinger iContent empowers organizations to simplify complex processes such as eLearning modernization, accessibility compliance, product engineering, integration, and automation by utilizing the capabilities of private and OpenAI models. We enable businesses to tackle these challenges with efficiency and accuracy, ultimately driving operational excellence. Harbinger iContent is dedicated to helping organizations address pain points in HR operations, eLearning content development, and complex processes by harnessing the power of Generative AI.

Discover how Harbinger helped a leadership skilling solutions provider automate skills gap analysis by deploying AI models and Transformers.

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