Automating Question Generation by Implementing Trained T5 Generative AI Model

The Current Scenario

As an L&D professional, it is essential to create engaging and effective training materials for your organization. One of the key components of any training program is generating questions to assess knowledge retention and reinforce learning objectives.

However, there are a few concerns associated with manual question generation.

  • Time-consuming
  • Resource-intensive
  • Inconsistent quality
  • Limited variety
  • Lack of scalability

Trained T5 Model to the Rescue

A leading financial organization was facing similar challenges and wanted to overcome them. They chose Harbinger as a trusted partner for building a one-stop solution that can improve their question generation process.

Harbinger helped them automate their question generation process. How? By harnessing the power of Text-to-Text Transfer Transformer, also known as the T5 model or T5 language model.

T5 is a powerful generative AI model that follows a Transformer-based approach to produce necessary outcomes. We trained this T5 model on vast amounts of text data to generate questions that met their requirements precisely.

What was the Impact?

Deploying a trained T5 model helped our client automate question generation to enhance learner experiences. They were able to streamline the process of generating questions and improve the effectiveness of their training programs.

Trained T5 model helped them address the diverse learning needs and preferences of their employees. It enabled their L&D team to refine their training programs by helping them:

  • Produce relevant, accurate, and high-quality questions
  • Establish a robust and scalable question generation process
  • Make the most out of available resources
  • Save time and focus on core business competencies
  • Customize the process to create a variety of questions

Implementing Generative AI models like T5 for question generation can benefit L&D professionals who need to regularly create large volumes of training materials. It can help you personalize the learning experience by generating questions tailored to individual learners.

Learn in detail how Harbinger deployed a trained T5 model for a global client.

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