Using Generative AI in L&D for eLearning Content Development

If you are an Learning and Development (L&D) stakeholder, instructional designer, content developer, or learning professional interested in the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in eLearning, this Power Hour ‘Using AI in L&D for eLearning Content Development’ is for you. Watch this webinar to gain valuable insights and specific tactics for leveraging AI creatively in your organization’s eLearning content creation.

In today’s digital era, organizations are increasingly embracing AI to transform their L&D initiatives. In this session, we will dive deeper into the realm of eLearning content creation and explore how AI can be creatively harnessed to revolutionize the way organizations design, develop, and deliver training materials.

This exciting Power Hour is hosted by Deepali Tharkude, Delivery Head, Harbinger Group, and feature esteemed panelists, Ankita Mangtani, Senior Instructional Designer, Harbinger Group; Ashita Vinchurkar, Tech Lead, Harbinger Group; and Mayank Mudgil, Senior Instructional Designer, Harbinger Group.

These seasoned professionals in the fields of eLearning content development, instructional design, media development, and programming have shared their extensive knowledge, practical experience, success stories, and lessons learned from implementing AI in eLearning content creation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Introduction to AI in eLearning
  • Using AI for content development and curation and automated assessment
  • Intelligent media development from video generation to voiceover synthesis
  • AI-powered NLP tools for content creation
  • Collaboration between AI and eLearning experts