The Future of Learning is Here: Is Your L&D Organization Ready?

The future of learning is deeply entwined with the future of work. The reset in learning methods is taking place together with the reset in work.

This is an exciting time for L&D organizations to step up to meet the changing learning needs and prepare for the future of learning using digital technology. 76% of companies say competency and skill gaps and inadequate learning technology negatively impact their learning organization’s efficiency and effectiveness. (2022 Brandon Hall Group)

Dr. Vikas Joshi, CEO of Harbinger Group, recently featured on Brandon Hall Group’s Excellence at Work podcast hosted by Rachel Cooke, COO of Brandon Hall Group. Vikas shared a wealth of knowledge on the topic “The Future of Learning is Here: Is Your L&D Organization Ready?” in one of the latest episodes of the podcast.

Vikas shed light on the tectonic shifts in organizational learning and how L&D organizations can build strategies to adapt and win. He shared expert views while answering critical questions.

Watch this insightful podcast episode to dive deeper into the future of learning, what it means to businesses, how L&D leaders should prepare, and what role does learning technology play.

Key Takeaways

  • Every once in a while, L&D as practiced in enterprises lags behind as technology and people expectations race ahead. Are we in one of those times?
  • What challenges does this state of affairs create for L&D leadership, learning content providers, and learning technology providers?
  • What solution frameworks are available to address these challenges? What new opportunities lie ahead?
  • How is Harbinger helping their customers in designing today for the future of learning?