Role of AI in Supporting Educators

As per a recent report released by McKinsey, educators are working around 50 hours a week, spending less than half of the time in direct interaction with students. And the same report further says that technology can help educators reallocate 20 to 30 percent of their time toward activities that support student learning. We need to support our educators by helping them focus on student outcomes rather than getting fatigued by working overtime. AI is one such technology which has the potential to offload a lot of redundant stuff from our educators’ plates.

Watch this Harbinger’s EdTech Power Hour, hosted by Rahul Singh, Senior Director at Harbinger Group, in conversation with our esteemed panelists Michael E. Spencer, Chief Executive Officer at Global Expansion Strategies, Ahmed Naumaan, Professor at School of STEM, American Public University System, Ulhas Bodhankar, Senior Director – Business Consulting at Harbinger Group and Harsha Sukhrani, EdTech Solutions Specialist at Harbinger Group. These experts will share their perspectives and experiences on taking advantage of AI in supporting educators. We would also be talking about a few products which successfully leverage AI to address challenges around skill-gaps.

Here are the Key Takeaways from the session:

  • Analyze the new role of the educator and identify areas wherein AI can pitch in
  • Learn how to go about implementing an AI-enabled support system for educators
  • Evaluate the possible impact of AI’s intervention in supporting student outcomes