Nudge Learning in the Workplace – Making Learning Available in the Flow of Work

The LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report states that 35% of L&D experts are actively searching for different and innovative ways to boost learner engagement. What’s better than nudge learning in the workplace, then?

Nudge learning framework, a cutting-edge approach rooted in the science of human behavior, is revolutionizing workplaces, and redefining the learning landscape. By harnessing the power of subtle prompts and gentle reminders, it ignites a transformational shift in employee behavior and unleashes many benefits.

The nudge theory had gained a lot of attention since 2017 when Richard Thaler won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for his research in Behavioral Economics. With its potent blend of behavioral science and technological innovation, nudge learning in the workplace is surely reshaping the future of employees.

So, what would be the scenario if we were introducing nudge learning in the workplace? Imagine a workplace where learning is no longer confined to training sessions or isolated events. Nudge learning creates a vibrant culture of continuous growth, where employees are effortlessly nudged towards ongoing skill development and knowledge acquisition.

In knowledge retention, nudge learning emerges as a formidable ally. No longer will valuable insights fade away—nudge learning keeps them alive and thriving. But do you know how to harness the power of nudge learning in your training programs?

This webinar looks at the concept and relevance of nudge learning framework for modern-day learners. It delves into how nudge learning could solve some modern day workplace issues. Our experts also focus on taking cues from existing frameworks and best practices to develop a scalable and effective nudge-learning strategy.

Key Takeaways:

  • The relevance of nudge-learning in the modern-day workplace
  • A potential framework that could be applied for nudge-learning
  • Content modernization strategies in terms of making it available as modular, searchable, and trackable nuggets
  • Understanding the technology options to implement nudge-learning
  • Use cases referring to modern day workplace issues which could potentially be addressed through nudge-learning