Leveraging AI-Enabled Virtual Teaching Assistant to Enhance the Learner Experience

AI is innovating learning and instruction in education like never before. AI virtual teaching assistant is one of the best innovations that not only higher education but also skilling platforms and OPMs need today. Watch our enlightening Power Hour “Leveraging AI-Enabled Virtual Teaching Assistant to Enhance the Learner Experience” to explore how this powerful EdTech innovation can create hyper personalized learning experiences for students and adult learners.

According to Campfire AI, 57% of students found an AI-powered virtual tutor useful in answering questions. Furthermore, 56% of students said they prefer an imperfect chatbot that is available 24/7 versus an instructor available for a limited time. Get detailed insights from EdTech experts on the critical use cases of AI-enabled virtual teaching assistant, including:

  • Creating weekly study schedule for students
  • Identifying and delivering relevant content to students
  • Nudging students in a spaced interval manner to improve knowledge retention
  • Motivating students by providing performance comparison data
  • Providing 24X7 student support and real-time, insightful feedback
  • Freeing up the most limited resource of educators and their valuable time

Learn how AI-based virtual teaching assistants can be designed, customized, deployed, and integrated as per your specific business needs. Explore how AI-enabled virtual teaching assistants examine data from assessments and student interactions using machine learning algorithms to create a customized learning path for each student. Know how AI virtual teaching assistants can transform education with speech recognition, NLP, machine learning, and other technologies.

Key Takeaways

  • Virtual teaching assistant powered by GPT-4 for accurate, timely, and human-like student guidance
  • Automated learning and teaching and the future of education with AI-based virtual teaching assistant
  • Adaptability, multimodality, accessibility, and scalability in education with AI virtual teaching assistant
  • Digital AI avatars for high engagement with interactive and realistic experiences
  • Dashboards for insights on student interactions, performance, and learning patterns