How to Create an Effective Telehealth Roadmap

People are demanding Healthcare anywhere, anytime. Whereas there are limitations because of location, state boundaries, national boundaries and travel restrictions, people want to overcome these and get the best healthcare they can. Given a change in the way and the time that people work and play, they want healthcare at whatever time is convenient to them. There are some recent concepts such as wellness and self-care, which add to this demand. Technology has evolved so as to enable Telehealth.

When developing Telehealth solutions, there are numerous aspects to consider. What aspect of health to cover? What mobile devices to support? What types of interactions – phone, SMS, video call – to support? What diagnostic and monitoring devices will provide the maximum advantage? How to integrate with the health records systems and which record systems to prioritize? And so on. You want to create a roadmap that will serve your target customers the best and make you stand out. So, what are the criteria to consider so that you can focus on the core aspects and not get distracted by features of lesser value.

This is a crucial part of the Telehealth journey.

Watch this Harbinger Power Hour, our virtual roundtable, to get more insights into what is happening in the Telehealth space. Our esteemed panelists comprising business leaders and Providers will share their observations, insights, and experience on the choices available and how to get to the essence of your offering to the market.

At the end of this Power Hour, you will learn about:

  • Telehealth and its potential in the near future.
  • The numerous possibilities when utilizing technology for Telehealth.
  • The criteria for getting the best possible Telehealth product to your customers.