Elevate eLearning Content and Unlock its True Potential with GenAI

Watch our Power Hour to explore the untapped potential of your existing eLearning content with GenAI. Explore how GenAI can transform your current eLearning materials, breathing new life into them and unlocking enhanced learning experiences for your audience.

According to Brandon Hall Group, 57% of organizations say GenAI will accelerate training content development and 60% say it will scale and enhance training activities.

Whether you’re a learning leader, content designer, L&D expert, or an eLearning professional, this session will equip you with expert insights and strategies to leverage GenAI for optimizing, amplifying, enriching, and revitalizing your existing eLearning content.

Learn what possibilities exist with GenAI to enhance and modernize your existing eLearning materials in an interactive and engaging way. Gain insights into how organizations are using GenAI to create gamified learning experiences, engaging experiences that elevate the content value, and how one can do more with less and in a rapid way.

Our Power Hour “Elevate eLearning Content and Unlock Its True Potential with GenAI” is hosted by Dr. Vikas Joshi, Founder & CEO, Harbinger Group and feature industry experts Preston Stiner, President, Evolve e-Learning Solutions, Hugh Rumbaugh, Digital Learning Expert, and Umesh Kanade, Vice President – Capability Development, Harbinger Group as panelists.

Key Takeaways

  • Reducing content aging, repurposing, and upgrading content using GenAI.
  • Interesting, cost-effective, and rapid solutions to modernize eLearning.
  • Real-world examples and success stories of GenAI transforming existing content.