Digital Accessibility: From the Viewpoint of Decision-Makers

Millions of students and learners who learn and think differently don’t get the desired support they need in the school or workplaces. While we start talking about future of education and future workplaces, one key aspect of that ecosystem is to ensure equity and inclusivity. And to achieve this, a key driver is to make learning resources accessible for all.

How big an issue is “accessibility”? Let us look at some statistics below

  • 1 in 5 children in the US have learning and thinking differences like dyslexia and ADHD
  • Students with learning disabilities drop out of high school at nearly 3 times the rate of other students
  • Only 46% of working-age US adults living with learning disabilities are employed

As a leader, one could look at accessibility and come up with a conclusion that implementing it has a financial implication. But the return on investment makes investing in accessibility a must for businesses and educational institutions. Accessibility is a great approach to remove barriers in learning and education for all.

In this episode of Power Hour, we are talking to leaders from corporate L&D space, academia, and the accessibility domain. The focus would be on discussing how to create a roadmap for implementing accessibility at scale.

Key Takeaways

  • Plotting and connecting the dots for accessibility
  • Frameworks for implementing a scalable accessibility strategy
  • How to identify which accessibility strategy works best for you
  • Challenges to overcome during this change transformation journey