Designing Digital Educational Products for Improving Student Engagement

The education landscape around us is undergoing disruption. What is even more interesting is, that these changes are not happening at a focal point but across age groups, K-12, higher ed, adult learning. With more and more teaching-related activities moving remotely on devices through digital apps, sustaining learner engagement is coming across as a key challenge for various stakeholders. The need of the hour is to blend Instructional pedagogies with the innovative use of technology. There are various aspects that go into a typical EdTech product development, and that’s where Smita Kanakula, Design Strategist at Harbinger, has helped us zero down for increased student engagement through better student experience and design. Do not miss this conversation on EdTech to uncover the following



1. Role of design in improving student engagement

2. Peeling the layer and understanding the difference between UI and UX

3. 5 Key things to consider before you plot your product’s design strategy