Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to identify technical debt and create technical debt roadmap
  • Know key areas to focus on to get started with resolving technical debt
  • Explore strategies and framework to systematically address technical debt
  • Understand financial and other impacts of technical debt on business

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An employee experience platform, based out of North America, had an audacious goal of serving 40,000 customers worldwide. This meant analyzing and benchmarking employee engagement scores from nearly 16 million employee records. Despite its groundbreaking mission, the homegrown platform faced challenges due to its limited scalability and hefty maintenance costs draining the IT budget.

This is a classic case of technical debt—a trade-off where quick wins clash with long-term efficiency.

According to a McKinsey CIO survey, companies could spend up to 40% of their IT budget by 2025 simply to maintain technical debt. Actively managing technical debt is crucial to avoid future setbacks in time and resources.

Understanding the magnitude of your technical debt and committing to resolving technical debt will allow companies to regain their innovation momentum, accelerating product releases to market swiftly and within budget.

Join our exclusive Power Hour on July 31, 2024 at 11 am ET to delve into the intricacies of technical debt and learn how to resolve it effectively. Hosted by Shrikant Pattathil, President & CTO, this insightful session will feature industry experts.

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As a Business Consultant at Harbinger Group, Ajinkya collaborates with the leadership team to drive business growth and excellence. He specializes in business analysis, consulting, digital transformation, analytics, client engagement, and project management. Prior to taking up this role, he worked at PwC India on various digital transformation and growth strategy projects across multiple industries. He holds an MBA degree in Marketing, Operations, and Data Sciences from NMIMS Mumbai. He is known for his optimistic outlook and eagerness to learn and grow.

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Shrikant has been with Harbinger for more than 24 years, during which time he has led offshore software development and the sales and marketing teams in various capacities. For customers and his team, Shrikant has been a source of cutting-edge knowledge of shifting technology paradigms such as client-server, web, cloud, and AI. He has recently been instrumental in helping customers in the HR and Learning domain solve their product integration and automation challenges.

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