Advancement of Video-Based CPA Learning Modules Through eLearning Course Modernization and Development

The Current Scenario

eLearning course modernization is necessary to effectively deliver learning resources that successfully meet the unique needs of modern learners. It involves transforming existing learning content, developing new learning modules with the latest content, integrating futuristic technologies like AI, and improving learner engagement and experience.

However, navigating through these advancements related to eLearning course modernization requires adeptly addressing various challenges like:

  • Limited learning content relevance, accuracy, scalability, and accessibility
  • Lack of technology know-how to modernize and develop eLearning courses
  • Difficulty in standardizing the learning modules and resources
  • Inability to handle and optimize a large volume of learning content
  • Longer course duration with inappropriate pacing and structure

Kickstart Your eLearning Course Modernization Journey with Harbinger

The largest provider of Certified Public Accountant (CPA) training faced similar barriers and wanted to break them with eLearning course modernization and the development of new CPA learning modules. They approached Harbinger, a trusted eLearning technology and content partner, to modernize their video-based learning format by introducing a new and improved CPA Exam Review experience.

Harbinger helped the client design and develop 1000+ right-sized videos to provide comprehensive coverage of the CPA exam curriculum and modernize their learning content at scale. The process was well-defined, from storyboarding and quality assurance to PPT/PDF development. We extracted the audio script for the videos using our internal AI-based Transcriber tool.

Our team took a strategic approach to revamp and develop new CPA learning videos. The newly developed CPA course introduced a blend of instructional design techniques, incorporating engaging visuals and shorter microlearning bites.

What was the Impact?

Harbinger’s eLearning course modernization and development solution helped the client create sophisticated video-based learning modules for their CPA program. It not only addressed modern learning preferences but also significantly promoted better retention and engagement among learners.

New CPA learning modules enabled our client to deliver accessible learning content to all learners, including specially-abled learners. They ensured the precise conversion of larger videos into smaller chunks to reduce the duration of videos from 30 – 45 minutes to 10 – 20 minutes.

Our client gained notable advantages, including:

  • Learners rated the concept videos with an average score of 4.03/5
  • Learners were able to pass the United States CPA exam more easily
  • Improved learning experience and consistency in content delivery
  • Increased learner involvement, interaction, and engagement
  • Enhanced learner attention and knowledge retention

eLearning course modernization and the development of new learning modules can transform the way learning content is created and delivered. It can ensure custom eLearning development to match the pace and requirements of modern learners. It can help organizations stay competitive and create unforgettable learning experiences for all.

Explore how Harbinger enabled eLearning course modernization and development of video-based learning modules for the leading CPA training provider.

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