Remote Learning Using Talking Head Videos

About The Client

The client is a group company of one of the oldest and largest conglomerates, headquartered in India. They are entrusted with the mandate to set standards of excellence and partner with other group companies to help them achieve their business excellence and improvement goals.

Business Problem

The client had initiated data maturity assessments as a new offering in FY19 to supplement the efforts of group companies in dealing with the fast-emerging paradigms of the digital world. This offering is designed to help companies on their journey of data-driven excellence.

To further support the adoption of data-driven excellence in companies and create evangelists, the team was conducting expert training programs through classroom trainings on a data and analytics operating framework and data maturity assessments. This training was meant for the group companies, as well as for potential assessors in the assessment process.

Due to the novel coronavirus, employees throughout the group company had to move to a work from home setup overnight. The client was then entrusted with the responsibility of converting these classroom training programs to interactive eLearning so that all the employees working from home could access the training program.

Harbinger’s Solution

  • The client wanted to keep the feel of a real instructor teaching and hence Harbinger proposed using talking head videos.
  • As there was no video recording studio available during lockdown, the trainers recorded the videos using their smartphones. Raw videos were then brushed up and enhanced by Harbinger in order to use them as part of the eLearning module.
  • The videos received from the trainers were then synced with the presentation decks that were being used in the classroom prior to the pandemic.
  • The complete program also included assessments at the end. Learners who scored more than 80% were awarded a certificate.


  • Low cost and rapid solution with available resources amidst the pandemic
  • Higher audience reach out as compared to the reach out during previously conducted classroom training sessions

Client Testimonial

“The development and the launch of the Web-based module is a significant milestone in our Data Centricity journey, and we are sincerely Thankful to the Harbinger team for their support for the same.”



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