Conversion of Instructor-led Training (ILT) to Self-paced eLearning Video Nuggets

CUSTOMER: Skill-based training provider

DOMAIN/INDUSTRY: Education/Training

TECHNOLOGY USED: Microsoft PowerPoint

About The Client

The client is a training institute and non-profit organization (NGO) that was founded in 2010. The institute seeks to make the rural youth, notably economically deprived college and school dropouts, self-reliable or employable by imparting functional skill-based training at a minimal cost. They have trained 1500+ rural youths and have placed them in reputable companies over the last 9+ years.

Business Need

The training institute’s major push to do something on the eLearning front was to make teaching feasible to rural youth, especially during the course of the pandemic, when all the brick and mortar training schools shut down overnight. Previously, they used the WordPress LMS platform for Instructor-led/Classroom Training presentations, where all of the students would come in and listen to lectures in a classroom setting. As everything got pushed to the virtual mode (online and remote), and also owing to travel constraints post-pandemic, the institute had no option but to convert the training presentations into self-paced eLearning modules.

Some of the major challenges of the project were:

  • Coming up with a creative solution under stringent financial constraints
  • Taking into account that the IT infrastructure was barely accessible to the learners
  • Ensuring that the quality of learning was not compromised despite the above limitations

Harbinger’s Solution

Harbinger devised a PowerPoint based video approach that could be shared with its learning audience via common mobile communication channels such as WhatsApp, thus facilitating on-the-go learning. A team of Project Manager (PM), Instructional Designers (IDs), and Graphic Designers (GDs) worked full-length to develop 32 micro modules with a total duration of 200+ minutes. These micro modules were created in Microsoft PowerPoint and then transformed into a video with the integration of vernacular language voiceover provided by the client. The learning modules were made available in .Mp4 video formats, in small nuggets of 5-15 minutes.

Business Outcomes

The microlearning modules were rated very high on learner experience with cent percent

  • Learner engagement
  • Comprehension
  • Interactivity

The differentiators of the offering included:

  • Low-cost and low-tech virtual eLearning solution that was accessible at remote locations with low network bandwidth
  • Content agnostic delivery in bite-sized/ microlearning formats
  • Zero infrastructure overhead
  • Easy to update content in future without any complex tool dependency
  • Ability to easily localize the videos in various languages


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