Boosting Learning Results with Training Nuggets Created in SprinkleZone

The Current Scenario

The Forgetting Curve is a concept that describes how information is quickly forgotten over time and why it needs to be reinforced or reviewed regularly. It is relevant to corporate training as it highlights the importance of implementing effective strategies to combat the loss of information and maximize employee knowledge retention.

If not addressed strategically, the Forgetting Curve can hurt the business with problems like:

  • Knowledge decay
  • Reduced ROI
  • Inefficient skill application
  • Limited knowledge transfer
  • Training redundancy

Creation of Nudge Learning Solution to Flatten the Forgetting Curve

A leading corporate training solutions company came across similar challenges and wanted to reinforce learning for its clients for better learning outcomes. It was also looking forward to transforming its business model to a more continuous one by offering courses that could reinforce learning at regular intervals and maximize knowledge retention.

Harbinger helped the company through the creation of nudge learning solution. We created learning nudges by developing a question library in SprinkleZone, a nudge learning platform, to address the short attention span of learners.

Harbinger used the fundamentals of periodic nudging to enable the completion of courses and quizzes through push notifications, thus making the project successful.

What was the Impact?

The creation of nudge learning solution significantly helped the corporate training solutions company improve the learning experience for its clients. By enabling a personalized and engaging learning journey, the company enhanced knowledge retention and application for its clients, leading to higher satisfaction and improved results.

Additionally, the solution helped the company:

  • Maintain continuity
  • Improve learning outcomes
  • Offer data-driven insights
  • Enabled long-term client relationships

Leveraging the power of nudge-based learning is essential as it helps improve knowledge retention, personalize learning experiences, improve engagement, and foster continuous learning. Implementing this solution can enhance the effectiveness and impact of learning initiatives, resulting in improved performance and business outcomes.

Learn in detail how Harbinger helped with the creation of nudge learning solution for a leading training solutions company.

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