Implementation of Canvas to Build a SaaS-Based Learning System

The Current Scenario

What is an LMS and how does it help transform the learning culture of an organization?

A learning management system popularly known as an LMS is a platform that facilitates administration, delivery, and tracking of educational courses or training programs. Loaded with features such as course management, content creation, and sharing, implementation of LMS plays a transformational role in redefining L&D for a business.

Additionally, implementation of LMS caters to an environment where learning is valued, encouraged, and integrated into the overall L&D strategy of an organization. It plays a crucial role in transforming the learning culture of an organization and fosters a culture of continuous learning.

However, businesses often look for end-to-end solutions to recreate the existing learning ecosystem. Below are a few limitations they come across in a traditional learning environment:

  • Compromised user experience
  • Limited interactivity and engagement
  • Limited scalability and performance
  • Lack of social learning features
  • Constraints in customization

Implementation of Canvas LMS to Re-create the Learning Environment

A multinational conglomerate was looking to merge all its L&D needs under the control of a single business unit. They were looking for an LMS that could be designed to foster a learning culture in the organization. To achieve the final goal, the client chose Harbinger to rearrange its L&D by making major shifts.

Given the requirement, Harbinger proposed implementation of Canvas, a SaaS-based multi-tenant LMS, to re-create the existing learning environment. The aim was to improve learning outcomes and enable personalized learning experiences.

The overall solution was engineered to meet L&D needs prescribed by the client and strengthen their learning infrastructure.

Our solution was future-fit and agile and provided the flexibility to establish individual LMS instances for each business unit, further divided into subdomains. This allowed for a tailored learning experience specific to the needs and requirements of each business unit within the organization.

What was the Impact?

Intuitive features and a range of integrations make Canvas an LMS of the future. It is an eLearning platform that can be leveraged to design and develop interactive and engaging online courses based on the needs of the organization.

Implementation of Canvas the SaaS-based multitenant LMS enabled the business to make a faster spin-up to move to a new learning environment. Additionally, it operated like a centralized learning hub, that delivered flexible learning delivery, personalized learning paths, collaboration feedback mechanisms and more.

Below is the impact garnered by our future-fit solution:

  • The solution helped our client move from ILT to an eLearning L&D module.
  • Our client started delivering training on the platform for 250 internal users.
  • Made a difference to the attention span and engagement measure
  • The solution improved the scope of deploying a new learning environment on-demand

Implementing Canvas LMS in the learning environment of business works as the digital hub for the learning landscape. The strategic approach not only improves an organization’s procedures for L&D, but also supports productivity.

Discover how Harbinger implemented Canvas LMS to help a digital giant move from ILT based learning to an eLearning module.

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