Improving HR Efficiency with Cloud-Based Chatbot Solution

The Current Scenario

The HR team of a US-based technology company faced a daunting task, receiving an overwhelming influx of over 1,300 HR requests daily from employees worldwide. These requests covered a range of needs, such as seeking information, assistance, and task delegation.

Due to limited HR and support staff, the response time averaged 3-5 minutes, leading to unsatisfactory resolutions, increased stress, and escalated issues. Furthermore, accommodating different languages and local expressions posed a significant challenge. The company sought to implement a streamlined cloud-based chatbot solution to alleviate this burden and fast-track ticket resolution.

Say Hello to Cloud-Based Chatbot and Goodbye to HR Burden

Harbinger embarked on a transformative journey, delving deep into our client’s system and its intricacies. Our HRTech experts proposed a groundbreaking solution: cloud-based chatbot that seamlessly integrates with Skype and phone. A cloud-based chatbot can empower your organization to overcome HR challenges with ease. Picture this: routine HR requests are handled effortlessly, freeing up valuable time for your HR staff.

Powered by NLP, a cloud-based chatbot responds swiftly and accurately, continuously improving through user interactions. Admin users navigate issues effortlessly with topic hierarchy and quick links to reference documents. Assignments are made intelligently, matching expertise, and ensuring seamless global communication. By hosting the cloud-based chatbot on Azure, the solution can be made accessible to all employees, thus transcending boundaries.

Experience the catalyst for success with a cloud-based chatbot solution, enabling efficiency and embracing limitless possibilities for HR. Step into the future, conquer HR challenges, and elevate your workforce with the automation of HR support system using cloud-based chatbot.

What was the Impact?

The transformative cloud-based chatbot solution developed by Harbinger increased HR productivity and efficiency for our client. It also eased the workload of the HR team. In addition, our client achieved remarkable ticketing productivity.

The once long wait time of 3-5 minutes was slashed to only 1.30 seconds. Imagine the power of optimum resource allocation, where agents are no longer mere generalists but true experts in specific topics. Furthermore, our client experienced unparalleled user satisfaction, conversational ticketing system, and faster resolution of issues, saving an average of 5-7 minutes per request.

With a cloud-based chatbot solution enabling the automation of HR support system, you can accelerate HR success. By effortlessly handling simple employee requests, a cloud-based chatbot can help your HR tackle complex challenges.

And let’s not forget the tangible impact on employee well-being that a cloud-based chatbot can make by enabling a conversational ticketing system, 24/7 HR support, and lightning-fast issue resolution. These advantages can help organizations calm workplace anxiety and alleviate the stress of HR and employees.

Your HR and employees too can experience a paradigm shift in efficiency, seamless communication, and efficient ticket resolution with the help of a cloud-based chatbot. It’s not just a chatbot; it’s a catalyst to HR success.

Learn more about how our cloud-based chatbot solution helped automate HR ticket resolution and increase HR efficiency for the client.

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