Empowering People and Organizations through Continuous Performance Management System

The Current Scenario

Seeking to cultivate individual growth and foster a thriving workplace environment, a cutting-edge software provider specializing in coach-based performance management aspired to construct an innovative system.

Their goal was to establish a continuous performance management system founded on scientifically proven methods. They sought a comprehensive remedy that would address various obstacles, including:

  • Quantifying business impact through target assessment
  • Sustaining leadership engagement throughout the iterative process
  • Formulating L&D objectives to bridge skill gaps
  • Constructing a streamlined and scalable framework to facilitate growth
  • Aligning employees with organizational objectives
  • Promoting employee recognition and motivation

Tech-Powered Solutions for a Continuous Performance Management System

Harbinger revolutionized the way our client approached performance management by introducing a cutting-edge technology-driven solution. This approach surpassed traditional methods, elevating HR’s growth-oriented goals.

We provided ongoing coaching, support, and integration, enabling employees to track progress and request manager intervention. We built the following solutions to help the client achieve their objectives effectively:

  • Performance-Based Recognition System: Rewarding performance with badges, Vision Board, and Targets for ongoing recognition.
  • Automated Performance Tracking: Defining measures, assigning targets, and monitoring outcomes through interactive dashboards.
  • Personalized Career Path Development: Analytical evaluation shapes career paths and identifies skill gaps for customized learning journeys.
  • Strategic Reporting: Comprehensive reports on growth, development, skills, and goal alignment for informed decision-making.

What was the Impact?

The advanced continuous performance management system seamlessly blends HR’s growth-oriented objectives with the outcomes you desire most: unparalleled performance, accelerated employee development, thriving teams, and unwavering engagement.

Curious about the transformative impact of our solution?

  • Improved employee performance and engagement
  • Facilitated precise identification of skill gaps
  • Increased manager accountability and visibility
  • Enabled automated targets, check-ins, and task scheduling to empower employees and managers

But that’s not all. Our solution paves the way for dynamic discussions and target-based messaging, fostering real-time collaboration toward a shared vision. With our intuitive user interface and interactive features, we redefine the human experience, unlocking the full potential of your employees.

Learn how Harbinger built an effective performance management system to enrich human experiences and optimize employee potential through the power strength-based approaches.

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