Supercharge HR Operations with Generative
AI Capabilities

Welcome to a new era where cutting-edge technology revolutionizes the way you screen, onboard, develop, and retain talent. Say goodbye to manual tasks and leverage the capabilities of Generative AI for HR to lead the way.

Supercharge HR Operations with Generative AI Capabilities

Benefits of Generative AI in HR

  • Transform Employee Experience
  • Automate Complex Tasks
  • Strategize Workforce Planning
  • Future-Proof HR Success

Applications of Generative AI in HR

  • Recruitment and Talent Acquisition
  • Performance Management and Feedback
  • Employee Well-Being and Mental Health
  • Diversity and Inclusion

Generative AI Tools for HR

  • ChatGPT
  • Dall-E 2
  • Stable Diffusion 2
  • LaMDA

Success Story

Harbinger Automated Recruitment Using Generative AI for HR

What was the business

A global technology company wanted to streamline screening, accelerate hiring, and enhance the candidate experience.

How Harbinger came
to the rescue?

Harbinger deployed a GPT API and NLP-based automation solution to:

  • Create job descriptions using AI
  • Parse resumes and screen candidates
  • Ensure skill-based hiring
  • Automate candidate evaluation and scoring

What was the

  • Reduced time-to-hire
  • Exposure to high-quality candidates
  • Streamlined hiring and onboarding
  • Improved candidate experience

Harbinger iContent Framework

Your Go-to Solution to Implement Generative AI for HR

Level up your HR game using Harbinger iContent Framework, an AI-based content automation solution powered by Generative AI technologies. Leverage the capabilities of private and OpenAI models to enable intelligent content processing like never before.

Harbinger iContent Framework

Harbinger iContent Framework Use Cases

Enable Your HR to Achieve More with Less


  • JD Creation
  • Resume Parsing
  • Matching
  • Screening Interviews
  • Evaluation


  • Policy Documents
  • SOP Discovery
  • FAQ on Knowledgebase
  • Reinforcement with Autogenerated Nuggets
  • Video Summaries


  • Question Generation
  • Descriptive Answers
  • Case Study-Based Evaluation

Harbinger iContent Framework has helped global companies achieve their unique HR goals.
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We’ve got you covered! Our comprehensive Simplified Guide has collated all the above Generative AI for HR essentials in one single package. We are here to help you take full advantage of Generative AI technologies and frameworks like Harbinger iContent. Gain invaluable insights into how Generative AI helps you attract top talent, optimize employee performance, and drive strategic decision-making. With real-world case studies and actionable tips, you'll unlock a whole new dimension of HR possibilities.

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