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Raptivity 2020

The New-Age Tool to Build Learning Interactions

Raptivity 2020 is the all-new cloud-based version of Raptivity interactivity builder. It brings in some never-seen-before, vibrant and sleek interactions at your fingertips. These interactions are truly responsive and xAPI compliant. Totally apt to build engaging micro-learning experiences!

Website – https://www.raptivity.com/raptivity2020.html

Raptivity for Virtual Classroom

Create Engaging Activities for Your Online Class

Raptivity for Virtual Classroom is designed for teachers, professors, and trainers using online video platforms to deliver virtual classes. It contains a mix of fun games, quick quizzes, and cool displays that you can use for in-session or homework activities.

Website – https://www.raptivity.com/VirtualClassroom.html


AI-powered question generator

Powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, Quillionz is a platform that lets you build a host of quality quizzes and assessments—within seconds.

Website – https://www.quillionz.com/


Personalized Interactive Video Platform

Exaltive is a cloud based interactive video platform. It allows using existing videos and adding interactive layers to make it more engaging, personalized, and effective.

Website – https://exaltive.com/


Nudge Learning Platform

Deliver small chunks of knowledge in the flow of work (personalized and social nudges)


Your Virtual Assistant

Get quick answers to your queries, assistance for conference room bookings, launch polls, check attendance and do so much more with Pritella.

Website – http://www.pritella.com/

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