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Harbinger Interactive Learning Becomes The Catering Institute™ Supply Chain Partner

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Supply chain partnerships to help restaurant operators
grow sales and increase profits with takeout, delivery & catering

VANCOUVER, B.C. (Aug. 24, 2018) – Harbinger Interactive Learning, an eLearning solution development company whose primary focus is to help organizations modernize their learning content through automation, has joined and completed The Catering Institute’s™ certified supply chain program, created to certify and connect industry consultants and suppliers with restaurants and their takeout, delivery and catering operations.

Harbinger Interactive Learning is the newest addition to the Supply Chain Certification Program and is joined by Voice Teleservices, Punchh, Paytronix, PepsiCo, Robust Communications, War Room, Primary Color, LBP Packaging, Southern Champion Tray, ClearPath Solutions and Inktel.

The Catering Institute focuses on the education and training needs of restaurant operators, franchisors, franchisees and their catering team members. The learning tools also extend to industry suppliers in the restaurant and foodservice industries to ensure strategic alignment between providers and the brands they serve.

The Supply Chain Certification Program is available to restaurant and foodservice consultants, supply chain vendors and service providers who are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to restaurants in the catering revenue channel.

“We are excited to be associated with The Catering Institute and about the benefits our restaurant customers will receive from the host of services offered by the Institute,” said Poonam Jaypuriya, Vice President – eLearning, at Harbinger. “This partnership will provide us important exposure to the restaurant industry and enable us to collaborate successfully with operators to develop eLearning solutions to support and expand their catering business.”

Throughout the certification process, the team at Harbinger Interactive Learning participated in training classes, was provided with educational manuals, and received ongoing progress assessments.

This partnership means that Harbinger Interactive Learning can continue to work in tandem with The Catering Institute to provide superior service to restaurant catering clients and to partner with foodservice operations to create and deliver innovative learning solutions for their employees.

“The services provided by Harbinger Interactive Learning make this partnership a natural fit as employee training is critical to building and growing a successful catering program,” said Erle Dardick, CEO of MonkeyMedia Software and founder of the Catering Institute.

About The Catering Institute

The Catering Institute is an education and certification institute for restaurants and suppliers implementing or improving takeout, delivery & catering operations. The mission of the Institute is to help restaurant operators grow sales and increase profits by teaching them to become experts at feeding their customers where they live, work and play. The work of the Institute ensures that executive, management, leadership and all other team members are focused on the common goal of ensuring their catering programs are a success and that programs maintain scalability for future growth.

The supply chain partner certification designation is relevant for industry partners looking to become certified in The Five Pillars of Successful Restaurant Takeout, Delivery and Catering, with programs focused on leadership, centralized services, sales and marketing, operations and delivery. The Catering Institute team works closely with MonkeyMedia Software during the implementation of Monkey, The #1 Cloud Platform for Takeout, Delivery & Catering.

About Harbinger Interactive Learning

Harbinger Interactive Learning is a global design and development company specializing in eLearning modernization and custom eLearning solution development. We have over 25 years of experience in delivering innovative learning solutions for various verticals like publishing, life sciences, BFSI, retail, and high-tech.

The company’s design and development capabilities extend from deep understanding of learning, strong skills in instructional design, visual design, and expertise in digital learning technologies. The experience of delivering custom solutions for each of the above-mentioned sectors has strengthened Harbinger’s expertise and helps it in consistently creating learner-centric, customized, and cost-effective training solutions.

Harbinger Interactive Learning’s services have been appreciated by various learning bodies. Harbinger is a bronze award winner in the Brandon Hall Group Excellence Awards 2017. For two consecutive years, in 2015 and 2016, Harbinger Interactive Learning has been shortlisted as a finalist in the “Learning technologies supplier of the year’ category of the prestigious ‘Learning Technology Awards’. It has also been adjudged with the Chief Learning Officer award. For more information, visit, or contact at 425.861.8400.

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