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Harbinger and Xyleme Partner to Help Businesses Align with Changing Learning and Technology Needs

News Provided by Harbinger Group Posted on March 30, 2022

Harbinger Group and Xyleme enter a platform partnership to help organizations manage their complex proprietary content and support single source omnichannel solutions. As a partner, Harbinger will add value to Xyleme’s enterprise component content management solutions designed for learning, with effective change management processes, rapid migration strategies for large volumes of content, and more.

Redmond, WA — March 30, 2022: Harbinger Group, a global corporation providing software products and services via its group companies — Harbinger Systems and Harbinger Interactive Learning, announced a platform partnership with Xyleme, a provider of industry-leading unified component content management solutions for content authoring, management, delivery, and syndication at scale.

Jointly announced by Harbinger Systems and Harbinger Interactive Learning, the partnership will add value to Xyleme and its customers with effective change management processes, rapid migration strategies for large volumes of content, custom workflows to handle content variations, an effective scaling up and scaling down model, and mature project management processes.

The forward-looking partnership will be a game-changer for enterprise organizations industry-wide seeking to transform and scale their content, while providing opportunities to align with the dynamic needs of present-day learners and meeting platform requirements for a modern learning technology ecosystem.

Seema Chaudhary, Chief Alliance Officer at Harbinger Systems said, “We are excited to announce this platform partnership with Xyleme. The partnership has come at a time when there is an increasing demand for new learning technology and requirement for meeting the changing needs of today’s learners.”

“As Xyleme’s extended team, Harbinger will help them better serve their customers. We will migrate volumes of diverse legacy web courses, micro content, and virtual ILT courses to Xyleme’s unified enterprise content management platform in a faster, streamlined way and using systematic, custom workflows. Additionally, we will help them with effective change management and mature project management processes,” added Seema.

“Partnering with Harbinger will allow us to provide the next level of best-in-class resources and migration strategies for our customers, helping them transform their enterprise content and with next-generation digital learning technology stack,” said Brad Swingruber, Chief Revenue Officer at Xyleme. “Together, we will unlock the full potential of digital content transformations and place our customers on the best path for success.”

About Xyleme

Xyleme is the market leader in content innovation, powering the next generation of content creation at some of the world’s largest and most innovative organizations, and supporting the personalization and syndication of enterprise content on a global scale. Xyleme’s award-winning platform facilitates the efficient mass-production of proprietary content and makes updating and maintaining content simpler, creating a truly scalable solution for global enterprises. Learn more at

About Harbinger Group

Harbinger Group is a global company providing software technology services for independent software vendors and enterprises, with a specialization in product engineering. We build software solutions leveraging digital technologies for various domains such as EdTech, Learning Tech, HealthTech, HRTech, and WorkTech.

Since 1990, Harbinger Systems has developed a strong customer base worldwide. Our clients are software product companies, including high-tech startups in Silicon Valley, leading product companies in the US, and large in-house IT organizations.

Our patented technology and sound thought leadership have resulted in the creation of revolutionary products, including the market-leading Raptivity® – an interactivity builder that helps the user build e-learning interactions, Exaltive – a personalized interactive video platform, Skimthru – an AI-powered video navigator using word clouds, SprinkleZone – a nudge-learning platform, and Quillionz – an AI-powered automatic question generator. For more information, visit

About Harbinger Interactive Learning

Harbinger Interactive Learning is a global design and development company specializing in eLearning modernization and custom eLearning solution development. We have over 30 years of experience in delivering innovative learning solutions for various verticals like publishing, life sciences, BFSI, retail, and high-tech.

As an end-to-end provider of eLearning design and development services, Harbinger Interactive Learning blends creativity and technology to drive learning effectiveness in an affordable fashion. We offer a range of services, including eLearning modernization, virtual instructor-led training, AR/VR and AI in eLearning, learning technology development, and learning experience design.

Harbinger Interactive Learning also provides cutting-edge eLearning solutions, which include Flash to HTML5 transformation, gamification framework, micro-learning, interactive video, and competency-based learning. We work with our strategic partners worldwide to develop innovative, high-performing learning solutions. For more information, visit

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