Poonam Jaypuriya

eLearning Champion

Poonam is a seasoned eLearning Solutions and Education Technology expert. She has extensive experience in eLearning design and development, program management, and product evangelism. At Harbinger, she started her career 18 years ago as a programmer and eventually got associated with the products division where she closely worked on multiple eLearning products, right from ideation to bringing them to the market. Her key responsibilities spanned a wide range of functions, from product design, engineering, and management to leading product marketing. She adds, “Change is the only constant. And continuous learning is the only way to keep pace with this change. Learning and innovation go hand in hand. That’s what we practice at Harbinger. Learn, implement, reflect is what makes one better every day. And we believe in it!”

Today, Poonam is part of the core team managing sales planning, strategy, and learning solution design.

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