Developing People

The way traditional learning used to happen has taken a transformational shift. Technology now plays a key role in enabling a great learner experience. Technologies to enable micro learning, learner analytics, personalization, on-demand learning, and learning on the users preferred devices, are just some examples.

Taking into consideration the rapidly changing situation, Harbinger has put together a vision for a Learner Centric Ecosystem.

The learner centric ecosystem aims at giving an end-to-end learning experience, right from planning the learning goals to acquiring new skills. The ecosystem provides learners with multiple choices about how, and when to learn in a self-directed way.

There are many tools used in this framework. SprinkleZone, our micro-learning platform that sends out microlearning nudges to reinforce concepts, Harbinger Academy – our Learning Management system, Udemy – where the user can source content from, Innovative learning methods like flipped classrooms, Harbinger’s Raptivity for building engaging content (that can be collaboratively delivered using Microsoft Teams), Polestar – Harbinger’s internally developed state of the art continuous performance management system, that receives learning needs frequently, FAB – Friend, Advisor, and Buddy(FAB) – A one on one mentoring program exclusively created to help next-level leaders, FLEX – Flex is a competency-based learning model which provides 1) Definition of competencies required to play a role 2) Curriculum to help you acquire those competencies 3) Assessment to validate possession of a competency, PEP – Performance Excellence Program (PEP) is a structured in-house certification programs to ensure behavioral skill enhancements and interventions penetrating across all levels. All these sessions are designed with real-time scenarios to help emerging people managers understand their roles better and know how to handle different challenging situations, OMG – OMG is micro-learning nuggets, quick videos, and interesting learning bytes to enable learning in the “Flow of Work”.

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