Empowering AI-Enabled Chatbot for Employee Experience 

The Current Scenario

As remote work took center stage, employees worked from home in isolation. This presented challenges for them in completing their tasks without the support of an office environment.

Our client—a 500 Fortune Company – observed a lack of round-the-clock assistance for employee queries in their remote setup. To maintain employee engagement, the customer sought a solution that would enable efficient communication, prompt query resolution, and improved support services for their workforce.

By deploying an AI-enabled office bot popularly known as Pritella, Harbinger helped HR Teams with faster HR service delivery and employee engagement.

AI Chatbot Takes Employee Experience to New Heights!

Harbinger revolutionized employee experience with an AI-enabled chatbot. Seamlessly integrated with critical systems like HRIS and Performance Management, this advanced bot utilized AI and NLP technology to understand and respond to employee queries instantly.

Employees effortlessly navigated the bot with a user-friendly interface, finding resolutions at their fingertips. The platform offered unparalleled flexibility, allowing customization of workflows and a continuously evolving knowledge base.

The bot’s extensive database of over 900 categorized questions ensured comprehensive support, from matching new keywords to providing image-based answers. Furthermore, it could be tailored and branded to meet each company’s unique requirements.

What was the Impact?

The deployment of an AI-powered bot allowed the HR teams to provide faster HR service delivery and employee engagement. The office bot became a trusted ally, enhancing productivity while nurturing individual development within the company. The following significant improvements were made with the introduction of the office bot:

Reduced support functions load: The office bot tackled support functions effortlessly. It swiftly offered facility information, managed service requests & seamlessly handled conference room reservations.

Personalized learning recommendations: The bot could offer tailored suggestions from the extensive LMS/MOOC offerings. This dynamic duo guided employees toward customized growth opportunities.

With over 5,000 queries received, a staggering 90% were effortlessly resolved without human intervention. The customer reaped the rewards, saving an impressive 30% on support costs.

The AI-enabled office bot has been a game-changer. The office bot’s impact was undeniable, transforming efficiency while unlocking new possibilities for growth.

Learn how Harbinger transformed the employee experience with an AI-enabled chatbot for our global client.

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