Gamification in Sales Training to Transform Blended Learning for Medical Sales Professionals

The Current Scenario

Blended learning has become a popular approach for sales training. This approach combines traditional classroom-style instruction with digital resources and technology-enabled learning experiences. It allows organizations to provide a well-rounded and flexible training program for their sales teams.

However, businesses face various challenges while implementing a blended learning program for their sales team, such as:

  • Lack of expertise to integrate the latest technologies and infrastructure
  • Irrelevance in learning content for online modules
  • Limited engagement across virtual sessions
  • Difficulty in assessing performance and learning outcomes
  • Inefficiency in delivering training content to multiple locations

Integrating Gamification in Sales Training

A global healthcare products and services provider was facing similar challenges and wanted to overcome them. They chose Harbinger as a trusted partner to build a digital component to enhance blended learning for medical sales team, spread out in different locations.

Harbinger helped them design and implement gamification in sales training. We deployed 4 engaging gamification modules to advance blended learning for their medical sales team. We introduced gamification elements and a variety of graphics to maximize the learner experience.

Our approach to implementing gamification in sales training incorporated elements, such as scores and Patient Well-being Indicators, to increase the engagement level of the modules. These modules were SCORM 1.2 compliant and launched from our client’s LMS.

What was the Impact?

Integrating gamification in sales training helped our client improve the outcomes of their blended learning program. They could assist learners in completing the program at their own pace from any device and location.

Gamification modules helped them encourage their medical sales team to prioritize timely and informed decision-making. Here’s the feedback from the learners on the impact of gamification on sales training.

  • 100% of learners found the modules helpful in some or the other way
  • A higher than 80% useful score was given to videos and eLearning modules
  • Gamification simplified and improved sales training
  • Game-based blended learning improved learners’ medical competencies
  • Gamification elements enhanced learner engagement and experience

Incorporating gamification in sales training is a powerful strategy to transform blended learning experiences. This innovative approach not only boosts knowledge retention but also fosters a more engaging and effective learning environment for learners.

Discover how Harbinger implemented gamification in sales training to help a global healthcare products and services provider advance their blended learning program.

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