Development of Shell Structure with Seamless Functioning for a Learning Solutions Provider

About The Client

The client is a learning solutions provider that helps organizations create engaging learning experiences whilst supporting their business and budget goals.

Business Requirement

One of the client’s end-customers had decided to move their crucial ‘Frontline Leadership Development Program’ virtual. The end customer had taken this decision because of the lockdown and social distancing requirements due to COVID- 19. The idea was to enable anyone in the business with flexible access to learning in real-time and drive and promote remote learning.

The end customer wanted to create and develop an engaging, interactive piece of e-Learning that can drive curiosity in learners and put their LMS on the map. Rather than a click-through content download experience, they wanted learners to experience engaging scenario-based learning, resulting in better retention. The client approached Harbinger to develop one module of this five-module series, which could serve as a template for further modules.

How Harbinger Helped?

Harbinger helped the client make an informed decision to use Articulate 360 as the development tool. The client then asked Harbinger to create a fully functional Storyline module with branching scenarios for two different characters.

There were also some specific development requests by the client for:

Creation of Leaderboard
This leaderboard would reflect everyone’s score at the end of each module and a cumulative score at the end of the five-module series. The client wanted Harbinger to design and develop a leaderboard for one module and use the same structure and design for the other four modules.

Customization of Articulate 360
The client expressed the need to retain features like the progress bar and customized size of the transcript window, even though these features were not available in Articulate 360. It was also required to customize the scenario screens scoring as they would reflect in the module-end leaderboards. Harbinger found a solution to these challenges in using JavaScript and using GAS (Google Apps Script) to store user-specific data in Google Sheets.
Harbinger ensured that the delivery of the module was as per the client’s requirements. We arranged robust training for the client’s staff for the implementation of customized features.

Business Benefits

  • The speedy development enabled the client to meet its strategic objective of moving to remote learning in record time. They could also achieve greater engagement through the virtual modules
  • Availability of a ready-to-use branching scenario-based module shell which can be used for future in-house module development by the client
  • Delivery of a unique experience through leaderboards for learners


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