Development of Modern eLearning Courses and Rapid Migration of Legacy Content to Xyleme

CUSTOMER: Training, Performance, and Talent Solutions Provider

INDUSTRY: Healthcare

TECHNOLOGY USED: Storyline 360, XML, Xyleme Editor

About the Client

The client is an eLearning solutions provider based out of the United States. They are passionate about helping healthcare organizations improve through training, performance, and talent solutions. For more than 10,000 healthcare organizations and 4.5 million caregivers, the client continues to support its prospects to deliver better clinical and financial outcomes by reducing variation in care. They provide online analytics, assessments, and learning for healthcare providers across the continuum of care, covering both physical and mental health needs. Their learning platform uses performance indicators and reviews to identify skill gaps and address them with targeted, personalized, and engaging learning.

Business Need

The client has been delivering online training programs to organizations with specialized needs. Their online learning solution simplifies the management of a training and continuing education program. The client wanted to develop a consistent stream of new courses based on the existing content available. In addition, they wanted to migrate the courses to the Xyleme platform to ensure that the content delivered is:

  • Personalized according to the audience’s learning needs
  • Stored in a single repository for easy search and reuse
  • Easy to update and maintain
  • Better in terms of quality and learning experiences

Harbinger’s Solution

To address the two different kinds of requirements, namely,

  • Development of new courses based on existing content
  • Migration of legacy courses to a new platform

Harbinger offered custom solutions for each requirement.

A team of Instructional Designers (IDs) scrutinized the existing content and suggested an appropriate design to give the courses a fresh look, along with a modern approach to instruction. These courses were then developed and tested by a team of dedicated Graphic Designers (GDs) and Quality Analysts (QAs). This team worked closely with the client team to validate the strategy, design, and implementation.

For the migration of legacy courses to the new platform, Harbinger followed a scalable approach, using templates, standard processes, guidelines, well-defined flow, and checkpoints to handle volume migration in a limited period, in multiple sprints. Multiple teams were deployed who followed these standards to ensure the experience of these courses remained consistent across sprints. Close coordination with the client was ensured using well-structured trackers and dashboards.

Some of the challenges of the project were:

  • To ensure learner experience is not compromised and is enhanced: This was achieved by having a design phase to define project processes, design standards, templates, and quality parameters that each course would be checked against.
  • Migrate 600+ courses to the Xyleme platform in a limited timeline: This was achieved by identifying automation opportunities for rapid migration and implementing those to handle multiple courses in batches. In addition to saving conversion time, automation minimized the team requirement compared to the manual migration of each individual course.
  • Get volume conversion, controlling the timelines and quality of each deliverable: This was accomplished with elaborate planning, including identification of sprints, sprint owners, close collaboration within sprint owners, early identification of risks followed by mitigation, and making use of standard project management practices.
  • Maintain training and team engagement: Given the volume migration and the large team requirement, training and engagement of the team were crucial. This intensified as the teams started working remotely due to the pandemic. Team calls, virtual events, assigning buddies, timely appreciation, encouraging innovation and initiatives – all these measures helped bind a large team together and make progress as planned.

During the project’s term, the following tasks were performed as part of the development and migration process:

  • Existing content was structured into a development-ready storyboard
  • Course development using Articulate Storyline 360 and QA
  • Automation of tasks for rapid migration
  • Migration of 600+ courses was done in about 3-4 months
  • Courses were made compliant with WCAG 2.0 Level A standards
  • Quality analysis of the courses was done for functionality and accessibility guidelines

Business Outcomes

The migration of legacy courses to Xyleme brought the following benefits to the client:

  • Improved quality and consistency of learning material
  • Simplified process of keeping content accurate and in sync at scale
  • Centralized creation, maintenance, and management of content
  • Structured and easily searchable content
  • Migration of a large volume of legacy courses in a short time enabled the client to release courses to learners as per their business plan

Client Testimonial

“We are amazed at how perfectly everything worked out after switching to Xyleme. The outcome delighted the product manager for these courses. There was a critical business need of delivering these courses as per time client timeline, which Harbinger was able to manage well ahead of schedule.”

– Manager, Educational Technology


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