The Current Scenario

Maintaining and upscaling the backend and data warehouse of an employee engagement platform is not an easy undertaking. The situation becomes more complicated with the increasing platform adoption, user base, data complexity, and feature additions. HRTech product development companies need to implement a robust solution that can overcome such critical challenges.

  • Lack of a scalable system architecture
  • Inefficient cost optimization for available resources
  • Difficulty in product migration to the relevant platform
  • Limited flexibility to process data in real-time
  • Absence of support from a trusted HRTech partner

Azure Migration for Improving Performance of Employee Engagement Platform

A US-based HRTech Independent Software Vendor (ISV) was facing similar challenges. They wanted to maintain and upscale the backend and data warehouse of their employee engagement platform that caters to their 40,000 clients. They turned to Harbinger considering us a trusted HRTech partner to improve the scalability of their platform and reduce the cost associated with time and manpower.

Harbinger helped the client with Azure migration for improving performance of their employee engagement platform. The approach involved an extensive analysis of the client’s product and business processes to achieve stability and reduce hosting cost for the platform.

We migrated our client’s product backend and data warehouse to Azure for smooth upscaling and cutting down server overheads. During the migration process, we helped them address the lack of documentation and inconsistencies in the database schema.

What was the Impact?

Our Azure migration strategy helped the client create simplified and scalable cloud-based solution for their employee engagement platform. They were able to upgrade their legacy modules to run on Azure and leverage the Azure tool ecosystem.

Successful Azure migration for improving performance of the employee engagement platform enabled our client to gather detailed insight into their operations. The migration rendered the platform with crucial improvements.

  • Decreased costs associated with maintenance and downtime
  • Increased scalability and availability of the platform
  • Simplified administration and improved response times
  • Enhanced functionalities and reduced redundancies

Azure migration for improving performance helps HRTech software companies leverage scalable infrastructure and advanced features to optimize their operations and enhance user experience. It offers seamless integration with various Azure services, facilitating a robust foundation for future business growth and product innovation.

Explore this Azure migration case study to know how Harbinger helped a US-based HRTech ISV migrate their employee engagement platform to Azure for improving performance, achieving stability, and reducing hosting cost.

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