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Listen to Harbinger President and CTO, Shrikant Pattathil, as he gives an overview of the Lab AI vs
Production AI conundrum and how to expedite the AI build and deployment process.

Navigating the Challenges in AI Product Development: Lab AI vs Production AI

You are probably aware of the difference between good AI and bad AI. There is already a lot of discussion around this topic on the internet. However, if you are building AI products, there is one other challenge that could be at the top of your mind: Lab AI vs Production AI. You can learn more about this topic in the answers below.

What is the most difficult part of developing AI features?

Right now, the most difficult part of building AI features is not the ideas or initial prototypes but making AI features work in production. Various factors come to play here. For example, the feature/s itself, technology, user type and expertise, data quality and access, integrations, and ongoing operational cost.

We have observed that when AI projects are prototyped, the focus is on the model and algorithm. However, one needs to maintain a close loop between the research team and product team. This helps ensure the AI features are deployed, maintained, and enhanced the same way as other product features are delivered to customers.

It is quite challenging to deploy or manage AI features differently. If that’s the case, the lab work must be repeated by the product team, and the project takes a long time to get delivered.

How does Harbinger help transition from Lab AI to Production AI?

At Harbinger, our focus is to bring Lab AI projects to the market faster and sustainably. Over the years, we have built an AI practice with over 100 AI/ML engineers providing AI solutions in HR, Content Publishing, Education, and Hi-Tech domains. We are helping customers create solutions that improve efficiency as well as enhance the user experience.

Harbinger has patented AI technology and frameworks that can be leveraged to build and deploy AI solutions faster. Our approach is to build AI applications using our frameworks or external platforms, such that they are LLM or technology independent, customizable, and modular.

From Lab AI to Production AI: Harbinger Creates Success Story

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