Driving Digital Transformation In HRTech With Chatbot Technology

HR chatbots are specifically trained and designed to replicate the role of HR in an enterprise. These chatbots are now redefining the way HR functions. This whitepaper explores the types of chatbots, the most common use cases for chatbots in HR, technology that encapsulates chatbots, features of different chatbot development frameworks, challenges, and the best practices to acclerate the chatbot development process.


Find answers to all your questions:

  • Why are HR chatbots the need of the hour?
  • What is the difference between various bot development frameworks?
  • How to expedite the chatbot development process?
  • How are HR chatbots simplifying the recruitment process?

HR leaders are betting on chatbots!

Why investing in HR chatbots is a great idea

Increases HR efficiency

Powered by AI, chatbots automate lengthy processes and can address numerous queries in parallel at lightning speed

Reduces recruitment cost and time to hire

Investing in the right chatbots saves a lot of time and cost arising from redundant recruitment and onboarding activities

Improves service quality and availability

All mundane tasks can be delegated to chatbots as they can perform them quickly and efficiently

Reduces HR workload volume

Automating HR processes with chatbots helps increase the team’s productivity and makes their work hassle-free

Enhances employee experience

Employees and other users feel more engaged as they easily get the information they need with a single click

24×7 availability

HR can leverage unremitting virtual robots to deliver a proactive conversational experience round the clock