Session 5: Best Practices To Build Marketplace Ready Integrations

This session of Masterclass Integration series was about the best practices for integration between different HR applications using a Marketplace Integration approach. Maheshkumar Kharade, AGM- Technology and Mahesh Keni, President shared their experience and thoughts on how marketplace-ready integrations help immensely in managing, streamlining, and monetizing the integrations. Every marketplace differs from the other in terms of quality standards followed (interoperability, security, quality, etc.) and the overall integration process. For seamless integration with such marketplaces, it is essential to consider all these variations and differences.
In this session, Maheshkumar and Mahesh Keni has shared

  • Integration scenarios between different HR applications using marketplace
  • An example of integration between Background Screening Platform and Salesforce Marketplace
  • Best practices to follow while integrating using marketplace