Riding the Growth Wave in HR and Work Tech: Insights from Leaders

Are you keen on finding out what market shifts underlie this rising tide of interest? Specifically, in what segments of the HR Tech and Work Tech market are new opportunities emerging? Learn from the industry experts on how they are creating a strategic agenda to harness these opportunities. It will also be good time for you to review actionable ideas for doubling down on product development and go-to-market goals.

In this power hour session hosted by Dr. Vikas Joshi – CEO & MD at Harbinger Group joined by Erik Rind, CEO, ImagineBC, Ilonka Jankovich, Venture Capitalist, Serial Entrepreneur & Board Member – Focus on Work Tech, and Yael Kaufmann, Co-founder & COO, Learn In, we discussed about,

  • Emerging markets in HR Tech and Work Tech
  • Intersection of HR Tech and Work Tech
  • Opportunities to build new features in an agile model
  • Ideas to fast track go-to-market with partnerships and integrations