Generative AI in eLearning Development: Practical Tips and Best Practices

Want to maximize the benefits of Generative AI for eLearning development? Join our upcoming Power Hour! Discover the power of integrating GPT-4 capabilities into the standard eLearning development process. Learn how to create better storyboards, integrate AI with Storyline 360 to craft a unique learning experience, develop better media assets using AI, or translate content into multiple languages.

Understand the practical use of ChatGPT in eLearning and its integration in the workplace. Get expert insights on writing accurate prompts for simulations and activities in online learning and training. Explore the use cases of generative AI tools in eLearning multimedia creation, content generation, language learning and processing, personalized and accessible learning, and more.

Know the tools and prompt writing techniques required to develop top-notch eLearning videos and voiceovers. Get introduced to Harbinger iContent tool to see how AI-powered translation works for documents, videos, and other learning materials.

Our Power Hour session, ‘Generative AI in eLearning Development: Practical Tips and Best Practices,’ is set to go live on September 20, 2023 at 11 am ET. It will be hosted by Deepali Tharkude, Delivery Head, Harbinger Group, and feature esteemed panelists, Ankita Mangtani, Senior Instructional Designer, Harbinger Group; Ashita Vinchurkar, Tech Lead, Harbinger Group; and Mayank Mudgil, Senior Instructional Designer, Harbinger Group.

Key Takeaways

  • How to integrate GPT-4 with Storyline 360 for more personalized, more efficient, and faster eLearning content creation.
  • How to use generative AI and write better prompts to improve storyboarding, video, and voiceover creation.
  • How to ensure data privacy and security with LLMs.
  • Harbinger iContent tool for variety of AI services such as translations and summarizing documents.